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About Stolen Prophecy main image

Stolen Prophecy is designed for our daydreamers, our wanderers, the environmentally conscious and nature connectors.

It is the manifestation of Moscow-born, Melbourne-based jewellery designer and herbal enthusiast Maria Doubrovski. Drawing inspiration from ancient alchemy, herbalism, astrology and mother nature's raw spirit, the brand epitomises modern-day spirituality.

Maria's passion to create precious pieces was sparked by her grandmother's eclectic jewellery collection, which was thoughtfully curated during her time living in India, Bulgaria and Russia. Additionally, Maria’s exploration into her ancestral past has uncovered and placed her passion for herbal medicine as well as magical potions, which is a great influence on the latest collection.

Each of the pieces from Stolen Prophecy acts as a talisman for its wearer. Whimsical, eclectic, yet minimal, the range enchants its way seamlessly into any wardrobe.

All of the pieces are ethically, eco-consciously and lovingly designed and handcrafted in Australia and Bali, Indonesia. 


At Stolen Prophecy, we care deeply for the precious land we reside on and protecting mother nature is one of our core values. We follow ethical practices and authentic craftsmanship with a strong focus on local production.

Our philosophy is to protect and be protected. When wearing our timeless pieces, we want you to feel you are safe and powerful.

Values & Ethics

Each article is diligently handcrafted using high-quality 925 sterling silver and solid gold through the ancient method of lost cast waxing and mastery of silversmithing. 

The pieces from the first range have been created on the karmic island of Bali
through a small, family-owned factory, who have become part of the Stolen Prophecy family over the past three years. 

The traditional artisans in this factory are exposed to safe and fair working conditions. All silver during the manufacturing process is reused, resulting in zero waste. All packaging is reusable.

New pieces are handcrafted and finished by Maria in her studio on the Mornington Peninsula.