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Where Did All The Magic Go?

March 10, 2019

Where Did All The Magic Go?

Day dreaming is the long lost cousin that today's fast paced World has shunned. In our latest range, we welcome mystery with open arms and allow ourselves to fall in love with the unknown. 

Paris based photographer, Kimbra Audrey tells her tale through a series of eery self-portraits and film wearing her favourite talismans from our latest range.

Handcrafted on the karmic island of Bali, our latest pieces have been made by a group of skilled artisans, who engage in the ritual of meditation before they create the art. During the meditation, our craftsmen and women pray to the Gods for 'Taksu' - a Balinese concept meaning charisma, spiritual power and artistic inspiration needed to capture the eyes, minds and hearts of our community - both human and divine.

The hand made pieces are then sent to you, our beautiful customers, full of divine energy and positive spirit to aid you on your journey.

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Film and images by Kimbra Audrey // Music by Molly Fletcher

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